Jake Moore, ESET

How to hire a hitman on the dark web

Jake discusses how the dark web operates and what the underworld offers including illicit products and services. Jake will uncover stolen passwords and other services you can purchase anonymously. But to really take over a website, you’ll need to bypass 2FA which you can buy on the dark web. Jake then uses this new tool in a rather interesting SIM swap technique in order to hack a friend’s website – in no time at all.

Is your dishwasher trying to kill you? The dangers of IoT in the smart home

In an increasingly connected world, more devices than ever are now online. From fridges to toothbrushes, even sex toys, the world is getting smarter. The data harvested can often lead to a more efficient and tailored experience but what risks do they possess. Many IoT devices collect sensitive and even very personal data which could potentially become a treasure trove to attackers. Smart devices have taken the market by storm but how easily can they be hacked and what about privacy? Jake will unravel this modern attack vector and show the potential hacks and data leaks that malicious actors could use to target unsuspecting victims.

Hack Anyone’s WhatsApp 

Learn how I can take over anyone’s WhatsApp and then the damage that could potentially be caused by doing so. But more importantly, learn how to protect your account.

How to Hack A Police Station 

Experience how I socially engineered my way into a police station and hacked into their network – all above board with a “Get Out Of Jail Free Card”. I was able to steal a laptop, break the encryption and change the password of the Head of Professional Standards without getting caught.

HackedIn via LinkedIn

Watch Jake unfold a targeted phishing attack via LinkedIn on the CEO of a company and how easy it is to manipulate anyone into handing over the credentials of their accounts and precious data. Jake uses hacking tools which are widely available on the internet (if you know where to look) and good old fashioned social engineering techniques to show how easy it is to take over someone’s email account, website… or even life!

How I hacked my friend’s PayPal

Jake has uncovered a rather simple way of taking up to £10,000 from anyone’s bank account via PayPal with some very easy tactics. When banking security is so robust, threat actors could potentially bypass the banks and go via your PayPal account. Learn how he did it here but more importantly, how to protect your own PayPal account.

Hacking up the golf course

As organisations and other establishments are increasingly concerned about their cyber security, physical security mustn’t be forgotten about. After breaking into a police station and hacking it in 2018, Jake has realised companies still seem to forget about the crossover in protection. Although Jake is used to hacking up the golf course with his 8 iron, he was recently asked if he could use his other hacking skills to penetration test a golf club. The results are astonishingly mind blowing and even comical at what ease he was able to attack an exclusive English golf course worth millions!