On course for a good hacking

Golf clubs and cybercrime couldn’t really sound further apart, but when it comes to cybersecurity, businesses of all sizes are targets and their owners must never assume anything is completely watertight. Golf is, however, more associated with business, so when I was recently asked to investigate and test the cybersecurity of an independent UK golf club, I thought it sounded like an interesting experiment.   Furthermore, the owner of the club claimed that I would “struggle” to hack them, as … More On course for a good hacking

Not all cybercriminals are sophisticated

While a lot of media coverage centers on how threat actors are becoming better at evading capture and generally deploy ever more sophisticated techniques, I wanted to tell a story where one criminal in particular was anything but sophisticated. Before I joined ESET, I spent 14 years working in the UK police force working predominantly … More Not all cybercriminals are sophisticated